Results of our investigation about our ancestors

1999 - 2017

1. Our family tree


Here you find a graphic of the topical state of our “research”. A single mouseclick on the tree is sufficient. By the way this graphic has it “in it”. If you put the curser on the names you instantly get further details. If you click on a name the family tree will change accordingly. This symbol will  produce a list of our ancestors. Good luck! And if you have seen enough only click on the “x” at the top of the page. You will find youself back rigth here.



feat. Christine Stula

2. The Stula-archives

During the search for ancestors of “our” Stulas I found out about details of “other” Stulas which (actually?!) don’t fit in my familiy tree. So I got the idea of a “Stula-archives”. I will present the details of all persons here in the following list:

The Stula-archives

As well I’m naturally depending on other interested people who give me information of Stulas in the whole world. I would also be glad about hints where to find further information. Therefore I’m sincerly asking for:

Join in the Stula-archives!

If there grow family trees of “other” Stulas I would like to present them as on this page. I’m looking forward to geting information!



feat. Christine Stula

3. The Stula-map

Most persons the Stula-family tree shows come from Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic. That’s how the idea of a map showing the birth- and dyingplaces growed.



feat. Christine Stula

4. Interesting facts about “our” Stulas



The origin of "our" ancestors

The ancestors of "our" familiy Stula lived  in the vicinity of "Gleiwitz" near "Kattowitz". Today that’s in  Poland. Our oldest direct ancestor comes from the small village "Schönwald". This is situated at about 10 km southerly from "Gleiwitz". His name was Martin Stula. He was born at the beginning of the 17. century. His children and grandchildren also stayed at "Schönwald" until many generations later Heinrich Stula moved to "Spremberg" and finally died there on 12th may 1908. This Heinrich Stula was the father of my grandfather Paul Stula who moved to "Darmstadt" in 1955. In 1970 he died.


My parental family

My father Bernhard Stula was also born at  "Spremberg". He died in 1991 at "Bergheim-Glessen". Including my  mother Agnes - maiden name Köhmstedt - there were my sister Elisabeth and my brother Bernhard to complete the family.


The oldest ancestor

During our investigation about our ancestors Martin Stula turned to be the oldest person of our family. He lived in "Schönwald" (Polen) at the beginning of the 17. century.


My family

My wife Ingrid - maiden name Klapper - and I have two children: Sebastian and Christine.


Other "roll-call" connections

Within the scope of our search about information of our roots the following names were established (alphabetical order):

Beran, Fischer, Frantz, Gemander, Hansuch, Harde, Hotze, Janke, Kampe, Klapper, Kluske, Köhmstedt, Kotalla, Mania, Metzner, Natusch, Nierula, Perkin, Petrovic, Pientok, Putz, Rotzmann, Schüren, Seifert, Stangner, Stonner, Walke, Wenzel, Willinek, Zwanck, Zwonke.


Other local connections

Our ancestors of the 19th century and earlier came from "Schönwald", from different villages of Upper-Silesia and nearby that at the vicinity of the Czech Republic of today, too.


Last but not least: my "best and  favoured" uncle

I don’t want to forget to mention my "favoured" uncle Hubert. He was the brother of my father and the second eldest member of "our" Stulas (*1920/+2005). Many years he was my only but not (only) because of this my best "Stula-uncle". Without him many inspects and connections of our family-history would just be unknown. I have found memories of our journey to "Spremberg". In summer 2000 we visited the hometown of my father and searched for some answeres about our familyroots. For me it was a meeting with the past - in more than one respect . . .



feat. Christine Stula

5. Remaining questions - in search of...


Remaining questions

I’m convinced that our chronicle could be completed by readers of this homepage. I could not find reliable facts about the ancestors of my father. That’s why I’m very interested in informations about brothers or sisters of the following persons:


Paul Stula             

* 17.07.1884

in Roitz

+ 03.12.1970

in Darmstadt

Heinrich Stula

* 19.09.1855

in Schönwald

+ 13.05.1908

in Spremberg

Heinrich Stula

* 14.07.1808

in Schönwald

+ 07.06.1874

in Spremberg

Valentin Stula

* 11.02.1763

in Schönwald

+ 23.03.1837

in Spremberg

Andreas Stula

* 1729

in Schönwald

+ 17.12.1810

in Spremberg

Jacob Stula

* 04.07.1698

in Schönwald



Simon Stula

* 14.09.1656

in Schönwald

+ 04.07.1733

in Schönwald

Martin Stula







I’m looking for any questions or informations about some facts (contacts).                                                                  



feat. Christine Stula